June 20, 2011
Arrival 04/27/2011

Who knew that I would go into labor the last day I posted. I went to the hospital that night at 11:30 and they kept me. I was dialated to a 5. Miss A came into this world at 10:17 Wednesday morning. She was 6 pounds 15 ounces and was almost 21" long. It was a smooth easy labor/delivery. We are so glad she is finally here.

As much as she was in my ribs at 21" and the fact that she is constantly kicking her left leg I know why I was so uncomfortable the last couple of months.

It is hard to believe she will be 8 weeks old in 2 days. I know my sister has been bored without my posts but I have enjoyed not being on the computer and just hangin' out with my new little one.

April 26, 2011
Down for the Count

My doctor gave me one more time to consider being induced before he left this week for Pennsylvania. I declined knowing full well that the odds were against me being able to wait until he got back to have this baby. Not a betting person, but I am fairly certain she will be here before the weekend since he won't be back until Sunday evening.

I have had to miss 2 out of town field trips with L'il C not knowing when she will be here. Sad about that. I don't like being in control of my life/schedule. My friends make fun of me because I carry my planner around. They call it my Bible. I just plan ahead and truly am lost without it. This week I have had to say "pending on this baby" about EVERYTHING!!!

Any takers on betting when she will be here? :D

April 12, 2011
What do you keep from your past?!

As I was heading back from lunch, I was listening to "On Air with Ryan Seacrest". I only caught the last bit of the segment but they were talking about the box or boxes of stuff we keep of things from our ex(s). The woman was making a point about how you should throw it out...including pics. And Ryan was making a point that that was part of your past and who you were. If you aren't with them anymore and were committed to the new person, what would it hurt. She asked if he would like finding old pics of a girlfriends exes. He said prolly not.

It made me laugh because I have a couple of these boxes. One is just about everything sentimental thing I had from my ex husband. I kept it for my daughter's sake. The other is a couple of things here and there from elementary boyfriends to all the way to Brad, including pics. The box isn't nearly as extensive and is only the highlights.

I don't go through it but I think things like that help your kids get a bigger glimpse of your life before them. I know I like seeing pics of my mom's old college boyfriends and reading some of the letters she kept.

Brad doesn't mind at all and I don't have a problem coming across pics of him and his ex girlfriends. I liked most of the girls he went out with and he didn't marry them. He married me! :D And yes I do have a box with OUR stuff which outranks the other two, but I was talking primarily of boxes for exes.

What are your thoughts? Do you have stuff you have kept? If so, what?


Laundry is a never ending job. Luckily for me I enjoy it more than dishes. :)

Last night L'il C gets out of the shower and puts her pajamas on, comes into the living room and informs me she has no clean panties. Well stinkity stink stink! I let her know that they are almost dry in the dryer. I tell her to go blow dry her hair and that they should be finished when she was.

You would have thought I told her to run into the street naked. And to her I am sure she thought I did. If someone doesn't have a shirt, underwear, and shorts they are naked. Brad is naked if he doesn't have a shirt on.

She panicked. Luckily she had overlooked a clean dry pair in the laundry room and the fears subsided. The night was able to go on as scheduled. :)

April 11, 2011
To be needed by the needy....

Everyone has a desire to be needed. It feels good when you are needed. But to what degree?

I noticed this a lot between my mom and I. She wants so much to be needed but sometimes when I ask her for help, and this mainly applies to sewing something for me or decorating a cake, she acts like I have asked her to move the moon. :) I never learned to sew. Had no desire to sew and quite frankly if someone else can do it why should I have to? My mom is the best at both of these things. She can alter or repair an outfit like nobody's business. And her cakes?... They are much better than most professionals. The thing that bothers me is that when she acts put out and I offer to have someone else do it she immediately puts up a defense and is all "No I will do it."

Uhm...Okay?? I wasn't trying to put you out and I don't mind paying someone else to do it, you are just the best. I understand how she feels though. We want so badly to be needed but we want it to be on our own terms and with only things we want to help with. :) My mom would do ANYTHING for me, just some things she would rather not do. I would do ANYTHING for my daughter or Brad, but some things I would rather not do....especially if they are quite capable.

Mornings are the worst time ever to want a favor from me. I will be more than happy to help you AFTER I am ready for the day. I know it takes me a ridiculous amount of time to get ready....an hour and a half to be exact. This includes showering, drying and styling my hair, makeup, eating breakfast, brushing my teeth, finally deciding what to wear, letting the dogs out, doing a load of laundry, and not rushing around. So at night before I go to sleep, I set my alarm with enough time to have 1.5 hours to get ready. No wiggle room allowed.

When daughter and husband get up and are all "Will you fix my hair?" "Will you pour my cereal?" "Will you iron my clothes?" "Where is this?"....I don't have time for that. Get yourself ready. :)

Then when it is all said and done and I have helped them they look at me when it is time to leave and wonder why I am not ready and get mad because we will be late to where ever we were supposed to be.

Sigh....It is so much fun to be needed. Pretty soon I won't have to worry about rushing around everyday. Three more weeks until I am a stay at home mom.....and will be needed ALL the time...but she can't make her own toast, won't have any hair, doesn't need her clothes ironed and doesn't care where anything is. LOL :) Woo hoo.

April 07, 2011
We Are Wanted for Robberies in Arkansas!!

I recently noticed that my driver's side headlight was out. Brad made sure to purchase a replacement yesterday. However, he didn't get home from work until 6:00 and he had to shower and get ready for church by 7:00 and didn't have time to change it. I have been driving for a week with it out so what is one more day....

Except this time one more day equalled being pulled over by a police officer on our way home from church.

We were about 2 miles from home and Brad said, "Well that police officer just pulled out of that parking lot. I bet they are coming after me." I replied with, "Yeah right. You are going 35 in a 40." He said, "True but our headlight is out."

Shoot!! Sure enough she pulled us over. Came up to our window and asked both of us for our driver's licenses. She asked if we knew our headlight was out. We told her we did and that he had purchased it that day. I tried to offer her the receipt for proof but she didn't care to see it.

She said, "Well I am all out of warnings. What do you suggest I do?"

Hmmmmm. "What are our options??"

"Well how about this," she said "how about I go run your driver's licenses to make sure they are valid and when I come back, we will just say I never stopped you."


So Brad starts teasing L'il C in the backseat and asked her why she didn't give the police officer her DL. She said that she had left hers at home. It was pretty funny.

Relieved we weren't getting a ticket we began bantering back and forth cracking up laughing.

When the officer came back she leaned in and said, "So...I see you 2 are wanted for a couple of robberies over in Arkansas!" I laughed at her. She too started laughing and said she wasn't very good at acting and for us to have a good night.

Love not getting a ticket. Love even more that she was nice and tried to be funny.

April 06, 2011
Test Post

This is a test post to write about how awesome my sister is!

She is the best sister I could ever ask for!

Let's talk about how great she is because she is willing to help me fix my paragraph breaks.

She is such a great sister!

Laughter ♥ Sarcasm ♥ Love
Seems well-balanced to me... therefore I will not be taking a poll!


Arrival 04/27/2011
Down for the Count
What do you keep from your past?!
To be needed by the needy....
We Are Wanted for Robberies in Arkansas!!
Test Post
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